Natural birth friendly OB and Midwives in NYC

I know how hard it is to get information in the city when it comes to Obstetricians practices, C-section rates and Vbac rates.

So through the years, having worked as a doula in most of NYC hospitals, i have compiled a list of the best Drs in the city when it comes to natural birth and very low intervention rates.

Drs i know for sure will support a natural birth - for having witnessed it.

These Ob/gyn Drs will allow you to walk, to use intermittent monitoring, to use the shower and walk around provided you are low risk. Their induction rate is also very low.

Mt Sinai West- Birthing Center and Labor & Delivery floor

Lenox Hill

NY Presbyterian/ Lower Manhattan Hospital- Birthing center and Labor & Delivery floor

  • Dr Moritz and his midwives
  • Dr Harry Sing Lee

Weill Cornell

Mt Sinai East


  • Spring OBs but there are a lot of Drs in the practice

Brooklyn Birthing Center

Birthing Center of NY in Brooklyn

Methodist Hospital

Maimonides Hospital

Natural birth friendly OB and Midwives in NJ

Essex and Bergen County

Essex and Morris County

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