HypnoBirthing Doulas NYC

In HypnoBirthing classes, a woman attending with her birth partner is learning to use hypnosis and relaxation tehniques to create a feeling of comfort during her labor. The HypnoBirthing classes are structured to involve a partner. But some couples still wish to have the support of a 3d person, a doula to guide them during the birthing process.

The word doula is an ancient Greek term that translates into "caregiver" or "woman of service" who offers emotional support, pain management and relaxation techniques.

Most couples really enjoy having a calm reassuring presence with them, whether it is in a hospital setting or at home. Someone guiding them through the surges and reminding them of the tools they learnt in class.

The role of a doula is to offer you constant support throughout your birthing process. Making sure your wishes and concerns are addressed and helping you have the birth experience you desire. Working with your care provider to help you bring your baby into the world in the least stressful way possible.

The doulas I recommend below have experience in supporting Hypnobirthing couples. Most of them have taken a HypnoBirthing workshop for doulas and have attended HypnoBirthing classes.

We are all working to expand the HypnoBirthing community in New York City and bringing more awarenes to calm, instinctive, gentle births.

Below you will find a suggested pricing level. Each doula works differently. We are happy to offer different Tier levels to ensure that most families have the support they need.

Please note that not all doulas are childbirth educators, therefore some doulas will require you to take a childbirth education class prior to working with them. You will usually meet only twice before the birth, have the doula support you in labor and one postpartum visit.

For more information and availability please send an email at info@hypnobirthingny.com.

Please click on each Tier below to see the doula profiles.


Tier Level Number of Births Birth Fee Range
Tier 1 0-10 $350-$800
Tier 2 10-20 $800-$1200
Tier 3 20-50 $1200-$1600
Tier 4 50-75 $1600-$1800
Tier 5 75-100+ $1800-$2200
Tier 6 150+ Available upon request