NYC doula

Meet MaƩva

I became a certified Hypnotist in 2009 by the Society of Applied Hypnosis (SAH) and the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). I specialized in Age Regression Hypnotherapy and Healing Trauma in 2010 with Matt Sison and Randy Shaw.

Instinctively I always knew that the mind and body are interconnected. As I was contemplating the next chapter of my life and having children, I looked for ways to prepare for childbirth that focused on both the mind and body. That is when I came across HypnoBirthing.

I then took the HypnoBirthing Practitioner Training with Marie Mongan in 2011.

The first couples I taught HypnoBirthing to asked me to support them during their birth. It was only natural that I would be there with them since we already had a bond from the classes. Organically I became a doula. At the time they were very few trainings available so I learnt from midwives and nurses and got my hands on everything I could read. That is when I realized that a lot of the doula's work was to be in tune with the couples needs and to be a reassuring presence.

Following the birth experience of my best friend in the UK which was long and difficult I felt that there had to be more I could do for women in pregnancy and birth.

My research led me to Gail Tully, the midwife who created Spinning Babies. The exercises help bring balance and openness to a woman's body which in turn helps the baby find the most optimal position. That was the missing piece!

My doula work completely changed after that. I learnt how to assess when there was an imbalance and help balance the body before and during birth. I also learnt techniques to help a baby drop in the pelvis before or during birth and techniques to help a slow labor.

In 2016, I took an Advanced doula training with Penny Simkin, the woman who really brought attention to the doula profession.

Subsequently I organized a workshop with Pamela Douglas, the author of the Discontented Little Baby Book.

I have also taken a Breastfeeding workshop as well as a Post-Partum workshop.

I teach a Hypnobirthing workshop for birth professionals and have attended close to a 100 births.