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HypnoBirthing Workshop for Birth Professionals

The next HB support Techniques for Birth Professionals class is postponed till Sept 13th, 2020 from 10am till 5pm in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Workshop Investment $250.

To register please use our contact form or send us an email at 2 spots left.

HypnoBirthing Support Techniques for Birth Professionals is a one-day certification workshop which provides you with the specific techniques and philosophical information you need to professionally support HypnoBirthing couples in hospitals, home or birth center settings.

Increase your birth business by being able to confidently assure HypnoBirthing parents that you are well prepared to support them as they experience their wonderful calm HypnoBirthing!

Completion of this workshop will:

  • Certify you as a birth professional trained to support HypnoBirthing families
  • Qualify you for 6 continuing education hours through DONA International
  • You will spend the day learning, discussing and practicing the support techniques you need to know when you support HypnoBirthing families.
  • You will become familiar with the softer language of HypnoBirthing.
  • You will watch birth videos of HypnoBirthing couples in both hospital and home birth settings.
  • You will learn how and why the HypnoBirthing philosophy fosters gentle birthing.


...It was fascinating to learn not just the specific techniques used in Hypnobirthing, but the reasoning behind them as well. It all just makes so much sense that how families view the birth process and the normality of it, opens wide the potential for a positive and ecstatic experience. It was also eye-opening how just modifying the terms we are accustomed to using about pregnancy and labor to reflect a more neutral and natural process can reduce the fear and anxiety that so often occurs at this time. Although it is clear that acquiring the full range of skills and techniques through a Hypnobirthing class creates the best chance for a relaxed labor and birthing, it stands to reason that even using some of the ideas for any birthing woman can be valuable and support a more comfortable birth.

— Janet, Birth doula.


...Maeva taught in a way that allowed for rich group discussion to unfold naturally. Instead of presenting hypnobirthing as an entirely new curriculum it was brought forth in an intuitive way. The methods of supporting hypnobirthing families seem to give proper reverence to the creation of a new family constellation that takes place when a baby is born. I'm greatly looking forward to studying further and beginning to doula with families that take this approach.'

— Daisy, Birth doula.


Included in your registration fee is the book HypnoBirthing- The Mongan Method by Marie Mongan, the HypnoBirthing program’s recordings, the course workbook a ton of practice and mentorship. Certification after submission of course review.

If you cannot attend due to a birth, you will be given the option to attend a future workshop or a refund minus the cost of supplies.

There is also the possibility for you to get referrals right away and to be listed on my website. I have been working with a few hand picked doulas for the past few years and I am looking for more doulas to join in to the group.

HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method is the gold standard for birthing with hypnosis. All other childbirth hypnosis programs are based on the Mongan Method which was developed nearly 25 years ago. HypnoBirthing practitioners can be found in more than 45 countries throughout the world!