Welcome to HypnoBirthing NY

  — We offer a variety of in person and virtual classes, information and in person doula support to help you plan and prepare for the arrival of your baby

The HypnoBirthing approach is an instinctive approach to a safer, easier, more comfortable birth.

Online HypnoBirthing classes

HypnoBirthing for a Confident Birth Course

Online group classes with live bi-weekly evenings Q&A.

If you are due in July/ August or September sign up for my Self-Study class

Live classes start up again August 30th for the September series

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Online Childbirth Class

Private Hypnobirthing classes

5 classes in person in the comfort of your home or via Zoom based around your schedule.

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Spinning Babies NYC | Maeva Doula NYC

Spinning Babies® Parent Classes

Help a breech baby turn! This classs is a must if you are preparing for a VBAC. Learn how you can help your baby engage before labor (to avoid or help along a labor induction) and how your baby's position may affect your labor.

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Birth Trauma NYC

Birth Trauma Healing Session via Zoom

If you have had a difficult birth and you find it hard to talk about or maybe you feel negative emotions when you think about that day, you may have unresolved feelings to process.

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Doula NYC | Maeva Althaus

Virtual and in person Doula Support in NYC for Birth and Postpartum.

Meet our Birth Doulas!

Meet our Postpartum Doulas!

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NYC Doula

Maeva's recommendations

My doula list of things you might want to look into for a birth in NYC.

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Mind Body Healing NYC| Hypnotherapy NYC

Hypnosis Recordings

Hypnosis audios available to download: Pregnancy Relaxation, Breech Baby Turn, Keep baby In

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Birth stories nyc

Testimonials and Birth Stories

Find out what people say about HypnoBirthing NY classes.

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natural birth nyc

Class Statistics

Find out the birth statistics from HypnoBirthing NY classes.

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natural birth nyc

Natural Birth Providers

List of providers who truly support natural birth in NYC and New Jersey.

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hypnobirthing ny

Doula Workshops

HypnoBirthing® Support Techniques for birth professionals.

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Mind Body Healing NYC| Hypnotherapy NYC

Hypnotherapy via Zoom

Zoom Hypnosis sessions: Inner Child work, Negative Patterns, Anxiety and Depression.

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