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HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Maria

As a Birth and Postpartum Doula, I have been honored to serve many families in New York City from varying backgrounds and household incomes. I honed my skills at the renowned Doula Trainings International and am certified in Infant and Child CPR. I am also a Certified Lactation Consultant and trained in Mental Health First Aid, Spinning Babies and HypnoBirthing.

As a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, I work with clients who are interested in giving birth using HypnoBirthing’s unique breathing, relaxation, visualization and meditative techniques, which offer the birthing family a way to prepare for a peaceful and beautiful birth experience.

I believe it is every birthing person’s right to choose the kind of birth they want and to have an abundance of support throughout their entire journey of pregnancy. The depth of my knowledge and continuous attention to detail, allows me to guide families with great care, especially when facing potentially difficult or emergency situations that need to be evaluated in critical moments.

The fifteen years of experience running my own wellness company – where I practiced as a Health Coach and Life Mentor – give me the ability to care for my clients on a deeply personal level. I have a passion for cultivating empowered birthing persons and healthy babies through education, compassion, and nurturing. 

When I’m not doula-ing, I’m doing yoga, going on adventures with my husband, dancing, and musing on life’s many mysteries. 

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HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Myla

I’m Myla, a birth doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, and artist. My educational background, which includes Nursing, Theater, Psychology, and Drama-Therapy, uniquely contributes to my role as a birth worker. Many people ask how I got into this work, and the truth is, I pretty much stumbled upon it. While studying at Rutgers University, I encountered an opportunity to work as a midwife's assistant in 2006. I honed my artistic craft along with various life skills, yet my deep seeded passion for birth continued to grow.

Eventually I heeded to my life's calling, and have now supported 200+ families as they birthed their sweet babies into the world.

I am incredibly fulfilled and feel fortunate to be a birth worker. I value staying current with research, workshops, and birth related topics. My additional trainings and courses include: certification in Lamaze childbirth education, lactation counseling, midwifery assistance, neonatal resuscitation, the use of rebozo during labor, understanding fetal positioning, aroma therapy, acupressure, massage techniques for labor.

I am educated, highly qualified, and experienced with HypnoBirthing. As I guide my clients through prompts, relaxation techniques, and visualizations into their Hypnobirthing state, this allows for a greater release of endorphins, which is wonderful for labor and birth! I've been often told my voice is warm, clear, and greatly in support of keeping a calm atmosphere.

Dedicated to providing quality, respectful, compassionate support, I want to get to know your family's unique needs so I may best assist you. I am confident that I will be a great resource to you during your pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and during the early infancy of your little one. I am based in Manhattan and work throughout the tri-state area. I look forward to connecting.

"May you have a calm, joyful, and empowered birth experience!"

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HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Nubia

I am a certified birth doula, postpartum doula, parent educator and breastfeeding counselor. Most importantly, I am a mother of five children.

My passion and journey supporting women and their families began in the year 2000, after the birth of my first child. I discovered that I was very vocal in my advocay of birth choices and positive birth environments for everyone.

Initially, I supported friends and acquaintances from a distance in preparing for birth. A few years later I served on a free-standing birth center's board of directors and led support groups for the birth center moms, which was the beginning of my work in the professional birth community. After working closely with the Midwives at the birth center in my hometown, Washington, DC , I was determined to help many more families have positive and peaceful births, especially in hospital settings.

In 2012, my career as a doula took off as I volunteered my services for many families. Now, I serve a diverse population throughout New York and New Jersey.

As an Evidence Based Birth速 Instructor, my mission is to support women and families by respecting their personal choices and bringing awareness to evidence-based birth information. I aim to guide families on the path that prevents the preventable cesarean.

My skills as a Spinning Babies速 Parent Educator helps parents find comfort in pregnancy and make space in utero for their growing baby while encouraging baby to position itself in optimal fetal positioning. Not to mention, Hypnobirthing速 training which helps my clients birth with peace of mind.

Serving as a Certified Attachment Parenting International (API) Educator, and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, allows my relationship with parents to extend far past the birth. I pair my professional experience with personal experience to bring you an array of information and support as you ride the waves of parenthood.