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Meet Maya

I discovered hypnobirthing during my own birth. As an experienced doula, I was looking for a birth preparation that would help me get out of my “thinking brain” and connect deeper with my body and instincts.

I had a beautiful birth experience and what I remember most is feeling calm and safe. My positive experience inspired me to become a hypnobirthing support doula.

I find that Hypnobirthing fits really well with my holistic doula approach, which is very much centered in nurturing the body-mind-emotional connection. I like to help expectant couples prepare for their birth with evidence-based information and positive, encouraging guidance so they can make decisions with confidence and intention.

I am also trained in comforting touch and relaxation techniques for birth and bring a grounding presence to the birthing room to help laboring mothers remain calm and centered during birth.

As a seasoned mother, I also enjoy supporting new families transition into a healthy and nourishing post-partum period and joyful life with a newborn, including with hands-on lactation support.

I do all of this with compassion, warmth and integrity.

Fun fact: I have six brothers and am the oldest and only girl in the family.

My certifications include: DONA Birth Doula Training, Certified Holistic Birth Doula, Comforting Touch Doula, Evidence Based Birth Professional, Hypnobirthing support Doula, and Certified Lactation Consultant.

Please email HERE to check on Maya's availability for your birth and to be put in touch.


HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Zen

I am a DONA certified birth doula and a Carriage House Birth trained postpartum doula. I am also a HypnoBirthing Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), Prenatal Yoga Instructor and an aspiring midwife. I use visualizations, massage and sound therapy to help laboring moms feel grounded, relaxed and confident during the birthing process.

I have been a NYS licensed massage therapist, specializing in prenatal and medical massage for 20 years. I am also a Reiki practitioner. I have 3 pregnancy massage certifications (Mother Massage, Loving Pregnancy Massage, and Bodywork for the Childbearing Year). I received my prenatal yoga certification from Yoga Education Institute.

Since 2011, I have led guided “sound bath” meditations incorporating vibrational healing with live musicians playing gongs, singing bowls, didgeridoo and hang drum. I now offer guided “sound bath” meditations with hypnobirthing techniques to expectant mothers to help them achieve a state of deep relaxation and eliminate fear and anxiety during childbirth.

Last but certainly not least, I am the proud mother of five children ages 14-29. Despite my youthful appearance, people say I have the wisdom of a grandmother. I have given birth in the hospital, birthing center, as well as at home and I am open to working with you in the environment of your choice.