Doula NYC

Meet Nubia

I am a certified birth doula, postpartum doula, parent educator and breastfeeding counselor. Most importantly, I am a mother of five children.

My passion and journey supporting women and their families began in the year 2000, after the birth of my first child. I discovered that I was very vocal in my advocay of birth choices and positive birth environments for everyone.

Initially, I supported friends and acquaintances from a distance in preparing for birth. A few years later I served on a free-standing birth center's board of directors and led support groups for the birth center moms, which was the beginning of my work in the professional birth community. After working closely with the Midwives at the birth center in my hometown, Washington, DC , I was determined to help many more families have positive and peaceful births, especially in hospital settings.

In 2012, my career as a doula took off as I volunteered my services for many families. Now, I serve a diverse population throughout New York and New Jersey.

As an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, my mission is to support women and families by respecting their personal choices and bringing awareness to evidence-based birth information. I aim to guide families on the path that prevents the preventable cesarean.

My skills as a Spinning Babies® Parent Educator helps parents find comfort in pregnancy and make space in utero for their growing baby while encouraging baby to position itself in optimal fetal positioning. Not to mention, Hypnobirthing® training which helps my clients birth with peace of mind.

Serving as a Certified Attachment Parenting International (API) Educator, and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, allows my relationship with parents to extend far past the birth. I pair my professional experience with personal experience to bring you an array of information and support as you ride the waves of parenthood.