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What to expect during a hypnotherapy session

The purpose of Regression Hypnotherapy is to access your subconscious mind where the imprints of your life's experiences are recorded.

Your programming is the result of experiences in childhood. The way you perceived these experiences is the result of the feelings you had at a specific moment in time. The subsequent thoughts became beliefs about yourself and your surroundings. In other words, the way you perceive the world has everything to do with your belief system. Therefore negative thoughts and emotions have their roots in the past!

Regression Hypnotherapy sessions are relatively long. The first session is the longest, around 2hrs. We take the time to go over your history regarding the issue you want to work on. I send a pretty thorough intake form ahead of the first session to help you to start thinking about your self and your goals. We will go over a brief explanation of hypnosis before we start.

After a first guided relaxation, I will guide you to focus on your body and your feelings/sensations regarding your presenting issue.

We will address the beliefs that created your outlook on life and work on the sensitizing events that compounded these beliefs. From then on we will work on releasing the negative feelings you might be experiencing so that you can begin to feel lighter and gain some clarity.

Using different hypnotic protocols I will then guide you through some healing visualizations and use affirmations to reinforce all the positive work you have done during your session.



Depression is usually a bag of mixed feelings. Sadness, Anger, Self Pity, feeling stuck, low energy. Talking about your feelings can help. Releasing your negative feelings will help you feel more energized, less stuck. It will allow you to gain clarity on the situation. Whether you started feeling depressed after a specific event or have been feeling this way for a long time, Change is possible.

Low Self Esteem

When was the last time you felt good about yourself? The last time you felt confident? Of course, life is made of ups and downs but when you consistently feel bad about yourself, you need some help. Try to listen to the negative messages your mind gives you daily. What are you hearing? " I am not enough" "I don't deserve to" "I am inadequate" "I am flawed"

You can find out where these beliefs about yourself are coming from and Heal the wounded part of you.

Anxiety and Fears

Feeling anxious means that your nervous system is on alert. It means that subconsciously you do not feel safe. You feel on edge, something does not feel right. Fears just like anxiety are usually triggered by an event or repetitive situations you found yourself in. Sometimes you hear someone talk about "irrational fears". Fears are always irrational in the sense that they are emotional by nature. Sometimes a fear can prevent you/ hold you back from doing something, sometimes you can have an abreaction, a panic attack. We can work on finding the trigger and release the emotional charge so that you can feel more grounded and able to feel more in control.

Negative Patterns

You might be dealing with Addiction: Food, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs or Negative Relationships. You might be in a pattern of suppressing your negative feelings or avoiding feeling them, trying to numb yourself or maybe you are trying to feel "the Highs" as much as possible to avoid feeling "the Lows" and this drives your addiction. Addiction is usually rooted in trauma and low self-worth.

Childhood Traumas

Some of us walk around with a very wounded Inner Child. It can manifest in different ways: being hyper-sensitive to injustice, experiencing bouts of sadness or anger, beating oneself up, feeling victimized.

Regression Hypnotherapy will help you heal your childhood so you can experience your life in a Lighter, Happier way.

Weight Issues

Have you tried countless diets to no avail? Most physical conditions have been ruled out and yet you cannot loose weight? Or maybe you cannot control your food intake? You have linked your emotions to your food intake. Food might have become this thing that make you feel better. Or maybe you just eat mechanically, without even thinking about it. You might also not connect to your body's signals telling you that you are full. Weight issues can have many layers. It could be that you are sabotaging yourself, It could be that subconsciously looking your best does not feel safe, You might be numbing yourself.

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