Hypnotherapy NYC

Meet Maéva

Maéva starting getting involved in healing through her personal journey.

She was born in Normandy, France and graduated from La Sorbonne in Paris with a Masters in English and American Literature and Civilisation.

She used to suffer from IBS and food allergies and turned to Touch for Health/Kinesiology. Practitioner Jean Luc Penet in Paris cured the majority of her food allergies. She subsequently began studying with him, a path she pursued in New York with Peter Miles.

When she moved to NYC she adopted a daily meditation practice as well as a weekly yoga practice.

Later Maéva turned to Hypnosis, which helped her quit smoking. She studied Hypnosis in New York with the Society of Applied Hypnosis. She then specialized in Age Regression Hypnotherapy with Matt Sison and Randy Shaw.

Maéva has been certified by the Society of Applied Hypnosis (SAH) and the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). She is also a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner - The Mongan Method for which she offers private as well as group classes.

Maeva‘s Kinesiology and Hypnotherapy practice evolved out of her personal search for solutions to problems into a wish to share what she has found to help others.

She is committed to deepening her practice and helping people who truly desire change.