Doula NYC

Meet Laura

I am a registered nurse and a midwife from France. I obtained my bachelor in nursing in 2012 and my bachelor in midwifery in 2014.

During my training I was fortunate enough to observe nearly one hundred births. I also delivered 50 babies, in different countries and different settings.

I also took care of new parents and helped them find their strength in this new role.

I find midwifery and obstetrics really fascinating and I continue to learn and follow all of the new discoveries in this field. I also know that women, in most case, don’t need medicine to give birth : they have been doing it by themselves for thousands of years, they are amazing and strong ! I witnessed this inner strength and I always wanted to know more about physiological birth. This knowledge allows me to help couples in this experience as much as I can.

With Hypnobirthing, I discovered a philosophy that incorporates, relaxation and breathing techniques to guide and help you during the labor and the birth.

As a Doula and post-partum Doula, I will stand by your side before, during and after the birth of your baby. I will be here to support and guide you with my knowledge. Moreover, I am a calm, conscientious and reliable person. By getting to know you, your choices and birth preferences I will be able to accompany you, in a personalized way, in this beautiful journey.

I am truly convinced that every woman, every couple, should have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge which will allow them to make educated personal choices for their child’s birth. That’s why I am also here to answer your questions and explain to you how your body works , the tools it already has for labor and delivery. Because I have worked in hospitals, I can also help you to understand any procedures you may encounter.

I am also here to guide you in the first steps as parents. I am prepared to answer any of your questions regarding breastfeeding (or bottle feeding), baby care to the best of my knowledge.