Birth Trauma NYC

What is a Birth Processing Session?

Research shows that 1 in 3 women may experience birth trauma. Birthing people who’ve had a negative birth experience are less likely to have future kids, or, if they do have more, wait longer to have another.

The most commonly reported contributors are:

  • Lack or loss of control: 55%
  • Fear for their baby’s life or health: 50%
  • Severe physical pain: 47%
  • Not enough communication from provider: 39%

    In this 2017 study conducted by a team of researchers in Australia, a majority of the women surveyed (about 66 percent) traced their birth trauma to actions and interactions involving their care providers. They felt that their doctors prioritized their own agendas — such as wanting to get home — over their needs, coerced or lied to them, and dismissed or ignored them altogether.

    Research also shows that these traumas can have repercussions for the rest of someone's life and can be transmitted to future generations.

    Know that if you are dealing with feelings of Anger, Sadness, Betrayal, Failure, if you feel crippling Anxiety and are loosing sleep or question your thoughts and decisions there is help available.

    You can reach out to talk to a therapist, do some journaling, work on processing your feelings. If you have suffered physical injury please seek the help of a pelvic floor specialist.

    A Birth Processing session will cover the emotional part of the trauma and help you release the negative feelings associated with the birth of your child so that you can be more present to your self and your child.

    I myself went through the process when I felt unable to help myself in labor and let down by my midwife. You can read my story here.

    And I am now happy to say that I have found peace with my birth experience!

    A birth processing session lasts around 1.5hrs. It can be done remotely via Zoom or in person for the people in NYC. The cost of a session is $150.

    Please inquire via email at and for more info click here.