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Meet Alicia

Having worked with many Hypnobirthing couples, I have witnessed, time and time again, how this technique helps the expecting couple approach labor and birth with confidence and ecstatic awareness. The result...a positive, peaceful, gentle and beautiful birthing experience for mom, partner and baby.

My name is Alicia and I would be delighted to support you in the amazing journey of childbirth. My work is greatly influenced by my studies in Body-Mind Centering速, as well as my background in anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, and embryology education. I am a DONA certified birth doula, a certified Breastfeeding Counselor, and a DONA trained postpartum doula. I have years of experience as a yoga therapist, specializing in prenatal and postpartum yoga, and am skilled in the use of breathing, acupressure, massage and Rebozo techniques for labor and delivery. I have worked with women giving birth at home, birth centers, and hospitals all around the NYC area. I have supported a wide variety of birth experiences, including unmedicated, medicated, high-risk pregnancies, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), HBAC (home birth after cesarean), breech presentation, and C-sections. I am fully bilingual and at ease communicating in both English and Spanish.




Meet Amethyst

As both a HypnoBirthing Instructor and Doula, I have witnessed countless beautiful HypnoBirths and am consistently in awe of the calm and peace that surrounds them.

I truly understand and honor every stage of the birth and postpartum cycle and offer gentle guidance and support during your transition into parenthood.

I have attended births in hospitals, homes, and birthing centers and have supported almost every type of birth, ranging from scheduled cesarean to completely unmedicated. I'm fully supportive of your ideal birth vision, whatever that may be. I often use essential oils (if requested), Rebozo techniques, guided visualization, Hydrotherapy, Massage, candles (battery operated), and surround sound music/ocean waves.

I'm a full spectrum Certified Labor & Postpartum Doula and Birth Specialist, Certified Lactation & Breastfeeding Counselor, Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Certified Dancing for Birth Teacher, Certified Happiest Baby on the Block Instructor and Certified Newborn Care Specialist.




Meet Christina

I am a DONA International certified birth doula based in lower Westchester, N.Y. who has been attending births from Manhattan to the Hudson Valley for the past 4 years. I am the mother of two beautiful children and lives with my loving husband in New Rochelle, NY.

I am passionate about being a doula certified in Hypnobirthing support because I believe “women have the innate ability to give birth and to care for their babies.” My desire is to help clients connect with and learn to trust (maybe for the first time!) their bodies and their hearts. My goal as a Hypnobirthing doula is to help parents find a sense of calm within themselves so that they can discover their own voice; their own strength, and their own unique capacity to give birth and be amazing parents. I believe studying and practicing Hypnobirthing enables moms to find that safe place and listen to the voice within.

Inspired by my own doula after the birth of my second child, I felt an overwhelming calling to support women and their choices surrounding birth. I found myself completely absorbed by birth stories and became reenergized by the raw beauty of birth. Through listening to birth stories, I identified themes of transformation, empowerment, solidarity, hope, and love in the purest form. I knew I wanted to be a part of these transformative moments, so six months later I attended the birth of a dear friend, and found my place and purpose in the birth world.

I have been certified in many techniques including Rebozo, Spinning Babies and Hypnobirthing. I have experience with C-sections and have been able to help initiate skin to skin, nursing and bonding in the operating room. I have helped fathers do skin to skin while their wives recovered. My experience includes working with VBAC clients, twin vaginal birth, mothers over 40, clients on bedrest, prematurity, high risk, single parents and survivors of previous life trauma. I offer sibling support (for your older children at birth), birth photography, acupressure and essential oils in labor, infant massage at postpartum visit, and I am certified in Red Cross CPR.

My relevant volunteer or advocacy work includes: ICAN of Westchester N.Y. Board Member, Improving Birth Westchester Rally Co-Leader Active member of the Hudson Valley Birth Network, Operation special delivery volunteer doula


Meet Erica

I am a DONA trained birth doula, a certified breastfeeding counselor and an RN with 10 years of experience in pediatric and perinatal care. I am also trained in using acupressure, massage, optimal fetal positioning and rebozo techniques in birth and am certified in neonatal resuscitation. I have assisted parents with births at home, in birthing centers and in hospitals.

My deep knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of birth informs my belief that women intuitively know how to birth and can have a transformative birth experience with the help of a supportive team. I love working with parents to help you feel knowledgeable about your options and confident in your ability to birth in the way that is best for your family. Having worked with many Hypnobirthing parents, I have seen that using Hypnobirth methods uniquely prepares you to have a joyful, calm and empowered birth experience and I look forward to being a part of it!


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