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HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Alaska

I am a Carriage House Certified & Hypnobirthing® Certified birth doula and currently training to be a CBC (Certified Breastfeeding/Lactation Counselor). I support all family styles, birth environments, and sensation management preferences.

Before becoming a full time birth doula I lived in Brooklyn for fifteen years working as a visual/performing artist doing book arts, acting, trapeze, improv comedy, working in hospitality and earning a BFA in Creative Writing from Pratt Institute. Having practiced yoga, breathwork and meditation for many years, I’ve experienced the powerful impact our breath and mindset have on our bodies, and as a doula I’ve seen the positive affect they can have on birth experiences and outcomes.

Pregnancy and birth are powerful liminal spaces. I believe in the ancient, innate and intuitive ability that we have to give birth and I respect the threshold that is crossed during that transformative experience. I believe HypnoBirthing® is an intuitive way to guide the body with ease through labor by harnessing the calming and relaxing power of breath and meditation. I bring a unique ability to connect with and support parents using a balance of humor and ritual.

I want you to help you birth your baby confidently, autonomously, and with joy.

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HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Daisy

I was drawn to work with pregnant people after discovering the power of birth when my Son was born at home in 2012. I became certified as a birth doula through Carriage House Birth in 2017. When introduced to the HypnoBirthing Mongan Method in 2018 I recognized how this style of coaching labor relaxation techniques could maximize the possibility for peace and joy during labor.

As a HypnoBirthing doula my aim is to aid in the preparation for birth as a natural occasion. Whether low risk or encountering special circumstances the use of these relaxation techniques, self hypnosis and being informed all contribute to an empowered experience.

My approach also greatly relies on the family preferences and intuition. It is important for me to support individuals in making choices that are reflective of who they are personally and gently guide them through the transition to parenthood. With affirmative reassurance and informed coping techniques my aim is to help invoke your ability to birth your baby in the way that is best for you, while maintaining a calm demeanor and inspiring peace.

With a background in Opera, Living Foods Lifestyle, and Aromatherapy I feel energized and ready to be part of the backbone of your birthing experience. In January 2018 I completed an initial Jin Shin Jyutsu training to further expand my non invasive tool kit to assist during birth, and enhance the possibilities for HypnoBirthing exercises to include touch.

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HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Janet

I am a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula with Doulas of North America (DONA). I am also certified as a Lactation Counselor through the Healthy Children’s Center for Breastfeeding.

I recognized the absolute necessity for physical, emotional, and informational support during the labor process and the early postpartum period after my own two challenging births and recoveries. An amazing Postpartum Doula guided me from a place of anxiety and uncertainty to being a strong and confident new mother. This experience also planted the seed for my desire to give this same support and guidance to women and families during this precious time. My two sons are young adults now, but I can still close my eyes and see my Doula’s face; that is how important her support was to me.

I truly enjoy continuing my education in birth and postpartum care through workshops and training. The techniques and practices used in Hypnobirthing particularly interest me and I believe they bring a unique and simplistic yet effective tool to the birth setting regardless of where it takes place. I have seen firsthand how Hypnobirthing practices can keep a couple calm and focused when I worked with a couple during a particularly challenging labor course (which ended in a Cesarean birth due to a medical crisis). I am excited to come along side birthing families and support them in this way.

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HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Lola

I am a birth and postpartum doula certified through Doula Trainings International (2016) and a certified lactation counselor. I am a born and raised New Yorker, currently living in Brooklyn. I grew up in a large apartment building on the Upper West Side and at a young age gravitated towards helping mothers with their infants and toddlers. I majored in Film Production and Gender/Feminist/Sexuality studies at Oberlin College - it was there that I first learned about the magic of birth workers. After assisting my cousin in the birth of her baby, I knew that I was called to do this work.

I love to support women and their partners through the journeys of birth and postpartum - I strive to make these transitions into parenthood as smooth and rewarding as possible. In my doula practice I am calm and compassionate.

I’ve always had a healthy practice of yoga and meditation, so I was naturally drawn to the ideas of HypnoBirthing. I help my birthing clients stay relaxed and as comfortable as possible with breathing techniques, visualizations, essential oils, light touch massage, and other HypnoBirthing techniques. I make sure that my clients have a solid foundation of these techniques (and a luscious safe space to drift off to) in their birth tool boxes so they feel prepared when the time comes. I also provide the families I work with evidence-based information to empower them to be confident in the choices they make.

I have had the pleasure to work with LGBTQ families, single mothers, first-time parents and many different kinds of births: vaginal births, VBAC, unmedicated, medicated, and cesarean.

When I’m not at a birth or a home visit I am doing comedy with my queer improv team or drinking coffee with friends.

Lola is not available for births until November. Please email HERE to check on Lola's availability for your birth and to be put in touch.


HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Maya

I discovered hypnobirthing during my own birth. As an experienced doula, I was looking for a birth preparation that would help me get out of my “thinking brain” and connect deeper with my body and instincts.

I had a beautiful birth experience and what I remember most is feeling calm and safe. My positive experience inspired me to become a hypnobirthing support doula.

I find that Hypnobirthing fits really well with my holistic doula approach, which is very much centered in nurturing the body-mind-emotional connection. I like to help expectant couples prepare for their birth with evidence-based information and positive, encouraging guidance so they can make decisions with confidence and intention.

I am also trained in comforting touch and relaxation techniques for birth and bring a grounding presence to the birthing room to help laboring mothers remain calm and centered during birth.

As a seasoned mother, I also enjoy supporting new families transition into a healthy and nourishing post-partum period and joyful life with a newborn, including with hands-on lactation support.

I do all of this with compassion, warmth and integrity.

Fun fact: I have six brothers and am the oldest and only girl in the family.

My certifications include: DONA Birth Doula Training, Certified Holistic Birth Doula, Comforting Touch Doula, Evidence Based Birth Professional, Hypnobirthing support Doula, and Certified Lactation Consultant.

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HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Olya

I am a certified birth & postpartum doula and a HypnoBirthing® childbirth educator.

I came to birth work after a successful career as a human rights lawyer. After giving birth to my daughter, using the HypnoBirthing® method, I became fascinated by the transformational power of giving birth. That’s how I found my true calling in supporting other women on their journey to motherhood.

My experience and training with the HypnoBirthing® Institute and Spinning Babies® empowers other women to have easier, faster and more comfortable births.

I consider myself to be a culturally attuned doula. I have travelled to and studied in more than 25 countries where I learnt a lot about different traditions and cultural practices. I speak English, Russian and Ukrainian.

In my work, I use the qualities of the heart and mind together. Having a regular spiritual practice helps me to be grounded in any situation and 100% present for my clients during their birth. My passions are live music, meditation and nature.

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