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Meet Adrienne

I a DONA Certified Birth Doula, Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Mother of three boys (including twins). I was drawn to the wonder of natural birth during my first pregnancy, when after extensive research, I chose to give birth at home. I have been active as a doula since my twin pregnancy when I experienced that a high-risk hospital birth can be equally empowering with a supportive team. I have had the honor of attending a diversity of births (unmedicated and medicated vaginal births, twin births, first time mothers, epidurals, VBACs) in homes, hospitals, and birth centers.

I am passionate about providing access to information to increase self-advocacy and have been counseling families for over 15 years. I also teach guided Breathwork sessions for emotional healing and trauma release.My lifelong study of movement and embodied spiritual practices inform my work with expecting parents. I believe in holding space for remembering the body's intuitive wisdom to give birth (with and without medical assistance). It brings me great joy to accompany families on their journey

HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Bailey

Hi! I am a NYC based certified labor doula, postpartum doula, breastfeeding counselor, placenta encapsulator and HypnoBirthing teacher. I also have a Masters degree in Infancy and Family Development. Being in the presence of birth feels so natural and right. I am deeply called to serve women and their partners in this capacity. It is my core belief that all women deserve to have a joyful and empowering birth experience.

As your birth doula, I will support you in achieving your unique pregnancy and birth goals. In labor, I will help you stay calm and relaxed through discomfort relieving techniques such as varying positions, breath work, the Rebozo technique, massage, aromatherapy and of course all the HypnoBirthing tools! I am proud to assist women in releasing their fears and using hypnosis and deep relaxation in order to have a blissful and transformative birth experience. My primary intention is to stay tuned into your emotional state throughout the process and trust your internal wisdom as a birthing woman and new mother.

In addition to my doula work, I am also a certified Fertile Body Therapist and enjoy assisting couples in achieving their fertility goals with hypnosis and mind body therapies. I am also a children's yoga teacher and certified scuba diver.

HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Chrysti

I became a board certified Hypnotist with the Tad James Company in 2013 and immediately began practicing out of Montclair, New Jersey. I soon realized my passion for working with women on women's issues: mind/body integration, empowerment, trauma release, and most recently, birth.

From my first birth experience, I realized the power of the mind and hypnosis during labor.

I worked with my first client preparing her for labor by helping her release negative emotions, fear, and traumas from her body, empowering her with new positive vocabulary around birth, and teaching her self hypnosis and visualization techniques.

I completed my DONA birth doula training with Debra Pescali and my HypnoBirthing training this last June. I feel so blessed to have found this path and am honored to continue to gain more birth experience with HypnoBirthing NY.

HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Isabella

I am a Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator and Certified Lactation Counselor. I was drawn into birth work through curiosity and intrigue. I could not have anticipated the beautiful, empowering nature of birth and all it encompasses. I extended my practice to teaching HypnoBirthing after doula-ing my first HypnoBirths. It was then that I became wholeheartedly convinced of the power of the mind-body connection during pregnancy & childbirth.

As your birth doula I combine visualization & breathing techniques, positive affirmations, light touch massage and rebozo. Providing nonjudgmental support and evidence-based knowledge, I work professionally around your care provider and advocate for your birth preferences.

In January through June 2017 I lived in Tel Aviv, Israel where I led reproductive health workshops and was mentored by a fellow HypnoBirthing Practitioner with 20+ years experience. I am born and raised in NYC and hold a BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design.

I am honored to support expectant parents of my home city!



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