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HypnoBirthing NY

Meet Lola

I am a birth and postpartum doula certified through Doula Trainings International (2016) and a certified lactation counselor. I am a born and raised New Yorker, currently living in Brooklyn. I grew up in a large apartment building on the Upper West Side and at a young age gravitated towards helping mothers with their infants and toddlers. I majored in Film Production and Gender/Feminist/Sexuality studies at Oberlin College - it was there that I first learned about the magic of birth workers. After assisting my cousin in the birth of her baby, I knew that I was called to do this work.

I love to support women and their partners through the journeys of birth and postpartum - I strive to make these transitions into parenthood as smooth and rewarding as possible. In my doula practice I am calm and compassionate.

I’ve always had a healthy practice of yoga and meditation, so I was naturally drawn to the ideas of HypnoBirthing. I help my birthing clients stay relaxed and as comfortable as possible with breathing techniques, visualizations, essential oils, light touch massage, and other HypnoBirthing techniques. I make sure that my clients have a solid foundation of these techniques (and a luscious safe space to drift off to) in their birth tool boxes so they feel prepared when the time comes. I also provide the families I work with evidence-based information to empower them to be confident in the choices they make.

I have had the pleasure to work with LGBTQ families, single mothers, first-time parents and many different kinds of births: vaginal births, VBAC, unmedicated, medicated, and cesarean.

When I’m not at a birth or a home visit I am doing comedy with my queer improv team or drinking coffee with friends.

Lola is not available for births until November. Please email HERE to check on Lola's availability for your birth and to be put in touch.