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Meet Amy

I am currently completing my birth doula certification through Carriage House Birth. My calling to birth work really solidified through my own postpartum experience when I discovered firsthand how powerful birthing individuals are and how undervalued we are in the US.

I believe parenthood starts before giving birth and my goal is to begin supporting you and your partner (if applicable) during pregnancy by listening to your needs, fears, and desires and encouraging you to explore and evaluate all your options. I will be a calm and experienced presence in labor and birth and I will support you postpartum by helping make sure you have resources and support structures in place.  I will always honor whatever decisions you make for you and your family and I will support you with the understanding that you and your baby are your most powerful guides.


My hope is for you to take what works for you in the HypnoBirthing method and make it your own. The HypnoBirthing method is putting a name and protocol to everything that can happen in labor and birth with the conditions of relaxation, enough time, a calm environment, proper preparation, and letting go. It is my job to help you set up these conditions (or help you work with what is possible) and to hold space for you during your unique passage into parenthood, whether it’s your first or third time.

I am a certified prenatal yoga instructor (Prenatal Yoga Center 2012) and certified in HypnoBirthing Support Techniques (HypnoBirthing NY 2018). You can learn more about my work and professional trainings through my project edge of the nest, which includes birth doula services, story sharing, and community gatherings.