What is Hypnotherapy?

Age Regression Hypnotherapy is one of the quickest ways to achieve real change. It will allow you to release internal stress and blocks from your body's energetic system.

Age Regression Hypnotherapy is the shift of focus from the Thinking Mind (Conscious mind) to the Feeling Mind (Subconscious mind). It is the shift of focus into the sensations, the feelings in your body.

The subconscious mind can also be referred to as your right brain where lies your dreams, intuition, imagination, long term memory, your belief system and your emotions.It is the Feeling mind. Every thing that has ever happened to you has been registered there. The way you perceive your life has been shaped by your subconscious programming.

Your programming is the result of experiences in childhood. The way you perceived these experiences is the result of the feelings you had at a specific moment in time. The subsequent thoughts became beliefs about yourself and your surroundings. In other words, the way you perceive the world has everything to do with your belief system. Therefore negative thoughts and emotions have their roots in the past!

Working with your feeling mind makes it easier to access the root or the cause of your problem.

By feeling your feelings, you can release them, let go of them and feel better.

. Set yourself free from feelings like fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, resentment and guilt. Release the blocks that have been holding you back.

. Break free from negative patterns and negative habits.

. Let go of painful thoughts and feelings.

. Transform yourself! Feel lighter and more at peace!

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