HypnoBirthing NY - Bottle feeding

When Breastfeeding is not for you

Exploring non-breastfeeding options in a supportive and non-judgmental environment

Breastfeeding is not for everyone. How a family chooses to feed a newborn is a personal decision.

Rooted in prenatal and perinatal psychology, this 3-hr class explores a practical and thoughtful approach to supporting the expecting parent's and newborn's early experiences.

Newborn babies, like adults, are sentient beings with the ability to feel, perceive, reason and think.

By slowing down the pace and learning the meaning of the baby's cues, parents will not only foster the newborn's ability to regulate itself but they will create the foundation for a secure attachment pattern and a much more rewarding parenting journey for all.

A mix of lecture, hands-on practice, video and discussion, this class is ideal for couples who are adopting, as well as those who are planning on bottle feeding.

Topics include:

  • Importance of the birth environment
  • Immediate post-birth bonding
  • Infant's appearance at birth
  • Standard newborn procedures
  • Newborn's abilities
  • Understanding the baby's cues
  • Bottle feeding basics
  • Burping techniques
  • Bottle care and cleaning guidelines
  • Infant hygiene, including bathing, diapering and nail care
  • Purpose of skin to skin and tummy time
  • Soothing techniques, including swaddling
  • Baby's first night at home
  • Co-sleeping and bed-sharing
  • Post-birth integration, including recovery for the birthing person
  • Circles of support
  • When to call the pediatrician


Upcoming classes:


Investment: $195/single or couple

Space is limited to 4 couples/class.



Please send an email to info@hypnobirthingny.com or use our contact form.